The Mental Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Are You Looking For An Enjoyable, Rewarding Way To Improve Both Your Physical And Mental Health?

Then Look No Further, SWMA Is Here To Help!

Here at South West Martial Arts, we understand how daunting it can be to undertake a new challenge, that is why we are offering two free trial lessons to every new student as a warm welcome from us, that we hope, will help you begin your Martial Arts journey and become part of the SWMA family.

How Can Martial Arts Help You With Your Mental Well Being?

Your Next Belt - Something To Strive For.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill

Most of you are aware of the physical benefits of Martial Arts. It provides a full body work out that includes a range of training techniques such as cardio, core strength training, stretching and plyometrics to produce one of the best all-around workouts that there is. The physical side of our training gradually builds your strength, endurance, balance and self-control as you work your way from White Belt through to Black Belt level. More importantly, as you progress through the different coloured belts available in your training, you will also start to build an inner strength and endurance that you didn't know existed. That is what makes the Martial Arts belt ranking system so unique and unlike that of any other training method of any other sport. No other sport provides its students with an incremental, goal-based system of learning, with achievable step by step targets from beginner, right the way through to an expert level that builds both your physical and mental strength. With a little hard work and a lot of encouragement from us, you will be wearing your first belt in no time!

Endorphins - The Happy Hormone.

“The best fighter is never angry.” - Lao Tzu

Regular exercise is scientifically proven to benefit your mental health. When you exercise, chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters release Endorphins (a type of hormone). Endorphins act as analgesics, which essentially means they act as natures painkiller, they also act as sedatives, helping to keep you both calm and balanced. This leaves you in a state of euphoria, feeling energised and confident, giving a welcome boost to your self-esteem. Martial arts is one of the best forms of exercise there is, so when you sign up to SWMA, whether you decide to take up Taekwondo, or Kickboxing you will be guaranteed an energetic feel-good workout with us.

Social Benefits.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” - Confucius

Martial Arts is a great social activity. In your training, you will get to meet all sorts of people from all walks of life, yet you will all have one thing in common. The desire for meaningful self-improvement. Martial Arts is also great for those of you that struggle within social situations, although we tend to train in large groups, you will typically do most of your training in much smaller groups of two to three people. Couple this with the fact that your training requires an incredible amount of focus, so much so that you will barely notice anyone else around you, before too long you will forget that you were ever anxious in the first place. Not forgetting that every single student started with the same exact level of skill and experience, we have all been in your shoes before. This means that you will be faced with nothing but encouragement and a desire for you to achieve your absolute best. In fact, as Martial Artists we want nothing more than to push each other to our maximum potential because we all understand that there is always more to learn and the best way to learn, is to learn from each other.

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Stress Relief.

“In the struggle between the stone and water, in time, the water wins” - Japanese Proverb

In the modern world, we all face varying degrees of stress and with smart technology becoming more and more prevalent in our homes it is becoming increasingly more difficult to switch off from the daily grind and take stock of what is important. Martial Art's is a form of mindfulness that can help you combat the stresses of today's society. Our techniques teach you to be in the moment, to be completely aware of your thoughts and surroundings, to focus, in a state of calm Observation. In Martial Arts, it is imperative that you are in complete control of your mind and body as if they were one, not only for the safety of yourself and others but also for the fluidity of your techniques and the ability to react under pressure such as in a sparring environment.

Decrease Frustration And Anger.

“Fall down 7 times, get up 8 times.” - Japanese maxim

We have all had a bad day from time to time, whether it's been a frustrating day at the office/school, family dilemmas or any number of possible frustrations, we all need an outlet to dispell our negative energy. Martial Arts is perfect for such a requirement, the physical activity helps by producing endorphins to keep you calm and make you feel good, whilst a good workout on the pads or some razor sharp focus committed to a Taekwondo Pattern is exactly what the doctor ordered to get rid of that stress in a safe, controlled environment. So, if you have had a bad day for whatever reason, you can guarantee that after an incredible workout you will walk out of our club feeling rejuvenated and stress-free.

Self Discipline And Focus.

“I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times” - Bruce Lee

The Key to success for any Martial Artists is the ability to focus one's mind on the task at hand, whether it be learning a single technique, a new pattern or maybe even breaking a board, absolute focus is required in order to achieve your objective. Whilst it's true that the ability to steady one's mind comes easier to some than others, this is a skill that can be learned with time and patience and you will find Martial Arts is the perfect tool to help you. The more you train on the physical aspects of Martial Arts the easier you will find it to train in the mental and spiritual aspects of Martial Arts. Before too long, you will be able to block out all external stimuli and concentrate your mind with tremendous mental fortitude in any given situation.

Confidence - Self Esteem.

“Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labour does the body” - Seneca

There are many ways in which Martial Arts can improve your self-confidence. Obviously a fitter, Stronger, faster you will be a more confident you but there are other ways in which Martial Arts can help For example simply knowing how to defend yourself, even if the situation never actually arises where you are forced to defend yourself can be enough to handle an unwanted situation such as bullying. A sense of self-worth and a belief in one's self can be achieved through progressing through the belt ranking system, not only through your own achievements but you will also be looked up to by new students who join the club after you. An endorphin rush from physical exercise increasing your happiness throughout the day, a concentrated and relaxed mind and a de-stressed mental state will also help with your self-confidence. In fact, the only obstacle that you will ever face in life that will stop you from achieving anything that you put your mind to is self-doubt so put your doubts away and begin your Martial Arts journey today.

“The most difficult part of traditional taekwondo is not learning the first kick or punch. It is not struggling to remember the motions of a pattern or becoming acquainted with Korean culture. Rather, it is taking the first step across the threshold of the Dojang door. This is where roads diverge, where choices are made that will resonate throughout a lifetime.” ― Doug Cook, Taekwondo: A Path to Excellence