Semi-Free Sparring

Ban Jayoo Matsoki

7th Kup +

This form of sparring is designed as a step forward from basic three step sparring. It involves three consecutive attacks (hand or feet) and three blocks or evasions, plus a counter attack. Three step semi-free sparring should not be hurried, the secret is reaction force and quick, intelligent movements.

Attacking students start in right L stance guarding block

Defending students start in parallel ready stance.

Students should Kihap to notify each other that both are ready to begin (attacker first). The defending student always Kihaps on the counter attack

The attacker will perform three hand or foot techniques, in a combination of their choice.  All techniques must be on target.

The defender will use appropriate blocking or avoidance manoeuvres (but this should be in a linear backwards direction).

The counter attack can be any suitable technique. Jumping and spinning techniques can be used.  The counter attack must be on a recognised/suitable target, using proper control.

Notes:  The choice of technique is left to student, but the technique and skill level should be commensurate with grade.  No jumping or flying techniques are allowed on the attack phase.