Why do we practice Patterns?

Patterns (Tul) are the bread and butter of ITF TaekwonDo.  Regardless of the location of the TaekwonDo club or school, all ITF Taekwon-do practitioners demonstrate the Chang Hon or “blue cottage” patterns the same way.  Chang Hon is the pen name of General Choi.

Patterns are practiced in order for students to train the fundamental movements of their body.  Patterns are the foundation of TaekwonDo and enable the student to develop various techniques like improved mobility and flexibility, improved body shifting, increased muscle tone, enhanced breath control and improved sparring techniques with the blocks, strikes and counters learned.  Although sparring is random, non choreographed and exercised at a much faster pace than patterns, patterns are critical to developing the necessary skills that a TaekwonDo student needs in order to master sparring with their movements, balance, flexibility and the ability to determine which block and counter is appropriate.