1 Step Sparring

Ilbo Matsoki

4th Kup +

This is the most important type of pre-arranged sparring, and one of the most important aspects of TaekwonDo training.

Both attacker and defender start in parallel ready stance.

Attacker moves forwards into Walking stance, obverse punch. Kihap before each attack.

The defender kihaps to indicate they are ready (both sides).  Always kihap on the counter attack.

Blocks and counter attacks are performed effectively and with realism. It is essential that the techniques used are appropriate for the body position of the defender and the intended target on the attacker. Weak or ineffective techniques will not work in a real situation, so don't practice them in training. Keep things simple - remember the aim is to lead to "the rapid destruction of the opponent" (Gen. Choi).

It is essential for the attacker to punch on target, and for the defender to counter attack on a recognised target with an appropriate technique.  At this level students should have sufficient control to be able to attack a recognised target with speed and power, but with good control. The technique should stop just short of the target.

Keep in mind the following principles:

  • In serious situations effective techniques count. A 'colourful' looking technique won´t help.
  • Use the minimum force necessary to produce the maximum result.
  • Know the vital points of the human body and the techniques relevant to them for maximum effect.
  • Always select the best technique from your position.

One Step Sparring - Advanced (1st Degree +)

The attack can be any technique, either hand or foot, starting from either left or right. One attack only (unlike 1 step basic which uses both sides).

If kicking, the attacker steps back into L stance/guarding block. If turning kick is to be used, the attacker steps back and out to the side to ensure correct targeting.

One Step Sparring - Model (2nd degree +)

This is for demonstration purposes, although GM Nicholls is starting to incorporate this into gradings.

This is similar to One Step Advanced, except attack and defence are performed in slow motion to accentuate the techniques used. Then the techniques are repeated at full speed and power. At this stage the defender will perform an additional advanced technique, again demonstrating proficiency and advanced skills.