Junior 1 (Purple Stripe)


 White belt - Purple stripe
White signifies innocence as that of the beginner student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwon-Do.
Grading Requirements 

(at the discretion of the examiner; not in any particular order)

  • 10 Press-ups (counting in Korean)
  • Front rising kick (counting in Korean) – usually 10 both sides.
  • Sitting stance, single punching (counting in Korean)
  • Linework, as requested by Examiner
  • Four corner blocking, 1-4
  • Rising Block
  • Sajo jirugi footwork

Note: A senior student will demonstrate the techniques required.

Pre-Arranged Sparring

  • Not Applicable


See below

You should try to learn all of the questions and answers as you may be asked any of them at the grading.

Who is the founder of TaekwonDoGeneral Choi Hong Hi, 9th Degree Grandmaster
Korean for Training Suit
Korean for Training Hall
Korean for Stance
Korean for KickChagi
What does White Belt MeanInnocence (because I am a beginner and I have no previous knowledge of TaekwonDo)
What is Front Rising Kick for?Stretching


4 Corner Block Video