Counting in Korean

There are two different numbering systems that are used by Koreans. The first numbering system is used when counting, or when only speaking of the numbers themselves. This is what we use in class.

The first ten numbers in this system are as follows:

(The phonetic pronunciation is in brackets)

1 Ha-na (han_ah)
2 Dul (dool)
3 Set (set)
4 Net (net)
5 Da-Seot (das_ol)
6 Yeo-Seot (yas_ol)
7 Il-gop (il_gop)
8 Yeol-deol (ya_dol)
9 AhHop (ah_hop)
10 Yeol (yoll)

The stress in "hanah", "dasot", and "yasot" is on the first syllable,

In "ilgop", "yadol", and "ahop" on the second.

In counting cadence in TaeKwonDo, this is so emphasized that the other syllable frequently almost disappears (e.g., "han", "das", "yos", "lgop", "hop", etc.)