South West Martial Arts Testimonials

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Excellent Club

I have been training at SWMA for two years and I thoroughly enjoy every session. Everyone at the club is very friendly and supportive and very easy to get on with. You can enjoy yourself whilst improving fitness, discipline and balance. I would definitely recommend the club to anyone looking for somewhere to train martial arts.

Thomas Hussey

It’s great

I think the club is great for learning more about kickboxing and taekwondo it helps you to control your emotions it is good for your balance

Lillie may Lindsey-Clark (age 11)

Life Skills….

My daugther has been a member of SWMA for 8 years. After having very poor balance it improved immensely in 6 months. It’s given her strength, confidence, and the self-defence skills that make me happier when she goes out with her friends. These are life skills that are never lost, and it can help our youth find a good balance of strength, agility, and confidence.

Tami Fraser

I have been training at the club for 10 years.

I have been training at the club for 10 years now. The classes offer a structured syllabus for those that want to grade and progress through the Kick Boxing curriculum, and fitness training for those that want to get in shape and improve flexibility. Ma’am has a wealth of experience to share with the class building each lesson and tailoring to meet the students needs and abilities. The multiple classes and venues give students flexibility for their training schedule. I now train alongside my son who has always been curious about Martial Arts – he loves the sessions and the discipline and concentration required for the class is great for those young minds.

Claire Cole

A good club

I thoroughly enjoy training at this club, there is a good atmosphere and all the instructors are knowledgeable and friendly. There are regular tournaments to compete in as well as seminar to go to, I would thoroughly recommend SWMA to anyone who is thinking taking up taekwondo.

James Hasker


I started about 4 years ago with SWMA, in the beginning I was very self conscious , poor balance/fitness skills and no martial arts training. I worried I wouldn’t be able to do it but right off the bat the atmosphere was welcoming, encouraging and understanding. Jenn is an amazing instructor and her many years of experience shows when she teaches. you can tell she is passionate about what she does and enjoys it. I can not say enough and because of her encouragement and perservience I am excelling in something I thought I would never be able to do! I defiantly recommend for anyone seeking martial arts training.

Stephanie Clark

An excellent introduction for young children

My son started at the junior taekwondo classes before leaving primary, I encouraged this to give him more confidence when entering into secondary school. The classes are excellent because they are not too pushy and allow young children to develop and feel comfortable as they learn.
The children, a mix of girls and boys, receive individual attention as well as partaking in group activities.

In addition to the weekly classes there are many taekwondo events which they can attend and also just fun events to compliment the classes.
All the instructors are friendly and helpful.

I would fully recommend these lessons to all parents of younger children to help with developing confidence, discipline, and control, in a fun, safe, environment.

Dale Newson

Little Dragons

Little Dragons Testimonial

My Daughter (aged 5) started back in July, She absolutely LOVES little dragon and counts down all week for her next lesson. its fantastic for the little ones to learn discipline, respect, self defense but most of all to build there confidence. The instructor is happy and friendly towards the children and the parents. I would highly recommend this group for your children or yourselfs.

Shareena Brooks

A great, friendly club

I’ve been training at SWMA for about 6 months now and have really enjoyed my time here. I wanted to return to Kickboxing after several years hiatus and decided to take SWMA up on their “2 free lessons” promotion to see what it was like. I arrived with my daughter who I expected to sit quietly in the corner on her tablet for an hour while I trained. Instead, she was welcomed in, asked if she fancied having a go and she’s been hooked ever since. She has since taken up taekwondo as well making full use of the unlimited sessions for one great monthly price that is offered by SWMA. I knew straight away that this was the club for me, the training is hard but there is plenty of room for a bit of banter as well, all the students and instructors are incredibly friendly and push you to make the best of yourself. I now train at the Yeovil Kickboxing class and both Sherborne classes and although the clientele can be different at each class the same great atmosphere permeates through all sessions, I can’t recommend SWMA highly enough.

Philip Lindsey-Clark

Great Atmosphere

I have been training for around two and a half years with South West Martial Arts and have used all locations for both Taekwondo and Kickboxing. The atmosphere created by Jennie and indeed all students is second to none and encourages progression for the wide age range of people it caters for.

Neil Blandford

Great club

I have been training at swma with my 9 year old son for 18 months now,we both enjoy the fitness and taking part in the gradings together ,the students are all friendly and welcoming and mamm is a great instuctor and finds time for all students.
Bring on the next belt!

Scott Stringer

After taking a year off

After taking a year off from Martial Arts due to an injury, I started looking for a new club. I tried a few different ones, but straight away I knew that this was going to be the club for me. There is an array of student at varying levels and the teaching we receive from Ma’am is exceptional. I would recommend this club to anyone!

Tim Fleetwood

Kickboxing is great

I have been kickboxing for nearly a year now. I really enjoy the sparring and the tournament training – especially the beep test as this helps with my fitness. The people in the class are really nice and encourage you in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Ma’am is a great teacher and explains the different techniques really well and lets me practice them. I recommend kickboxing greatly as it is fun and helps you feel like you have achieved lots when you do it. Ethan

Ethan Sweet

Building Confidence, Respect and Discipline

My son has been attending South West Martial Arts for over 5 years and I cannot praise the team highly enough. They have given him a love for Tae Kwando and provided the time, care and attention to help him flourish. Im sure he will be attending classes for many years to come!

Caroline Bestwick

A Great Club!

A great club, I train with all 3 of my children. I love the fact you can train 5 days a week or chop & change days to suit family/work commitents.

Harry Limer

A club that caters for all.

I initially enrolled my son and daughter, to instil some self confidence in them. They took to Tae Kwon Do so well that they managed to drag me from the spectator bench into the action. All levels are welcome, and we have thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities. We’ve all taken part in classes, gradings, squad and tournament training ; and also two Summer Camps. I and my boy have also competed in tournaments ; and he has also managed to persuade me to start kickboxing ! I’ve now also recruited my partner for Tae Kwon Do. We look forward to many more sessions, and thank you for your input since we first started.

Shaun Hussey


Taekwondo Kick

I have been doing taekwondo classes for over two years. ma’am is a great teacher and every one is friendly and supportive. there is a lot of encouragement for you to achieve your best. even though I get nervous I have done competitions and a seminar it gives you courage and skills and experience .I also started kick boxing in January and find that you need different skills for both . I love coming to the classes and having a laugh with every one . I’m glad I started doing them as I really enjoy it and when you grade and pass you feel proud of what you have done .


kimmy burton

Always something new to learn

I have been with SWMA for over 10 years. As both Student and Assistant Instructor
A great group of Instructors and Students of all ages. Always learning something new.
SWMA lessons vary giving you improved fitness levels, flexibility, confidence boost, Discipline, technical techniques including attacks and blocks, sparring, self defence, pad work ,

Elliot Card